Japanese Matcha Hisui BIO


The perfect way to start your day!

With a touch of ripe walnut taste, energizing and calming both at once.

The aroma suggests that of a freshly cut meadow, the taste bears a tone of ripe walnut, and it is full-bodied, distinctive, and long-lasting.


Matcha Hisui is produced in the environs of the town of Kakegawa in Shizuoka Prefecture.

The name of Hisui translates from Japanese as jade, as reflected in the colour of the tea leaves from which Matcha is made. 

Recommended preparation guidelines:  

Put approx. 2 pinches of the powdered tea, best measured with a bamboo spoon (equal to 1 tsp), into a bowl or cup. Pour over with hot water at max. 80°C, then mix thoroughly with a bamboo whisk until smooth and frothy.