Lemon Verbena


Citrusy aroma and mild verdant flavor!

Soothing and a much-loved companion after a meal. 

When brewed the lemon scent is still apparent, but is subtle, making it a delicate beverage for drinking. A silky-textured brew that is good for drinking at any time of the day but especially popular as an after-dinner digestive. 

Our pyramids are eco-friendly and made from compostable cornstarch fiber. Each pyramid is made from our whole leaf tea, suitable for up to 400ml of tea.


    Lemon Verbena, a tall beautiful herb whose glossy leaves emit a powerful lemon aroma as you brush by. 

    Preparation guidelines: 

    Use 10 g of tea (approx. 6 tsp) for 1 l of boiling water. Allow to infuse for 7 minutes. Strain and serve.