Our Story!

It happened one Friday in December 2019.

A little shop, with all the colours and the most amazing smell, blossomed in the city center of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, ready to offer to all tea enthusiasts a high-quality eco-friendly selection of natural teas and a fantastic experience in a cozy environment!

So many products we consume everyday that have a negative environmental impact ... we want to be different and prove that it is possible to have access to great teas, with minimal impact!

So after settling down in the beautiful Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in 2017 (for the second time), it wasn't always easy to find high-quality and environmentally sustainable tea variety and herbal blends.

Through time, this sentiment grew stronger, and in December of 2019 SimpliciThé was founded with the core mission to provide a unique offering of high-quality eco-friendly tea! 

How's it going?

Our shop was our love and passion but due to the ongoing pandemic impact, like many other businesses, we had to adapt quickly to ensure that our core mission continues! We crafted our online shop to ensure you continue to have access to your favorite teas until we are ready to make it back into the field, where in addition to our fantastic products, we can also provide you and amazing experience!

Our Values!

Authentic! Sustainable! Healthy!

From our natural teas and custom design herbal blends, to our plastic-free, compostable packaging. These are not just our standards but also the soul of our company.

Our teas are :

100% certified sustainably sourced

100% certified ethically sourced

100% plastic free